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A Heroes Tribute

A company created to honor and pay final tribute to those who have served in our country’s armed forces and the first responder (police, firemen, & medical emergency) service corps.

A Heroes Tribute, Inc.,  by working with death service directors,  provides an honorary removal and transport service for veteran heroes who have transitioned on.

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Honorary Removal

Customized Vehicle

The highest tribute possible should always go to those that, at some point in their lives, answered the higher calling to serve their country.  We provide a final tribute to their service by providing a special removal and transport when called upon by death service director or family members. Whenever possible, the decedent is removed according to military protocol, and transported in a specialized hearse to the designated facility. 

AHeroesTribute, Inc.  offers a customized funeral hearse for chapel to final resting place transport. Distinguished traditional hearse, tastefully emblazoned with US flag and the particular service branch medallion of the deceased veteran.

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To order services, please contact your Funeral Home, Crematory, or Donation Center Director.

Our GoFundMe page allows family members, friends, or any citizen to donate up to $5,000 for any available service needed, such as: veteran removal , funeral, cremation, or donation service.

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